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Yesterday after my glasses came in, I was able to first experience and enjoy my combo. One of the things you have to get used to with high prescription glasses is how important it is to look thru the Optical Center (Centre) (OC)of the lenses.I found that the magnification was too much to take. Another is the Barrel Distortion and possible Chromatic Aberration that occurs. Minusglassesguy , My glasses arrived and wow..are so thick. I can see perfectly through the centre of lenses but looking just off centre everything is a little distorted.I do get somewhat of double vision when looking at distance. JC , Guest -- The -4 glasses will have an effective power of maybe -3.75 or -3.8 depending on how far they sit from your eyes.The bigger effect is that wearing the glasses you might have just slightly too much minus power, which depending on your age you probably easily adapt to using a little accommodation -- basically holding a slight focusing tension all the time.

So after a quick look on the GOC table, I decided to get 8 glasses. Everything is much closer than what they actually are. Cactus Jack , Minusglassesguy, Sounds like the combo works pretty well.They estimate delivery at 28 days, just wondering if anybody else who used them could advise if they usually arrive quicker?(I'm in Uk) I decided to try daysoft contacts as they are really inexpensive. Cactus Jack , Minusglassesguy, I suggest trying this GOC combo Contacts: 8.00 both eyes.Even in lower light when as a hyperope everything is real blurred I like howb as a myope I can always get closer to something to see it whereas as a hyperope if I can't accommodate enough to see it then I just can't see it. Be careful on steps or stepping on or off a curb while wearing the plus lenses! Brooklyn Boy , Hi everyone, I want to share a recent experiment that I had with GOC.I have done GOC for quite sometime now, my current RX is -5 and I have done GOC up to -15.

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It is probably such a small amount that I doubt you'd notice it.

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