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It’s hard to do that and stay completely unattached to the guys who are going through the same thing you are.Real honest friendships are formed, but more often than not, it’s a mutual respect and fondness that develops.Seen the look in his eyes when he sat in a restaurant and ordered the healthiest thing on the menu, while watching the couple at the next table share the most delicious looking brownie sundae either of them had ever seen before. He’s played video games with him, gone on runs with him at 5am when the world is just beginning to wake up, and sat beside him on long plane/bus rides in the middle of the night.

But at the same time it’s hard to be friends with the guys you’re trying to beat all the time.Seen him when he was training so hard his legs ached afterward.He’d seen him when his back was acting up, and giving him trouble in the form of debilitating back spasms.It’s Simon and Jordan, who are pissed on Travis’s behalf. But instead of sitting down and putting his shoes on, Apolo turns to look at JR, a contemplative look on his face.“Ok, what did I do this time? He can figure things out if you give him enough time, and enough hints. But next time a reporter comes to interview you at the Oval, take the time to introduce them around, preferably on camera. Apolo looks at him puzzled.“JR, we’ve been dating for a while now. JR opens his mouth but closes it when he has no immediate response to Apolo’s words. JR gets pulled into a closet by Jordan, who’s still in his skinsuit and skates, and is really ticked off. He’d figured out JR’s role as go between shortly after JR had been forced into it for the first time. Travis is quiet, and doesn’t like to talk all that much unless he knows you pretty well, which could make interactions with the press a little bit awkward. JR grins wider.“A little bit of Simon’s influence too I think,” he says. I wasn’t trying to hog the spotlight,” Apolo protests. Even if they decide not to use any of the footage on air, you’ll at least know you didn’t piss anyone off by not doing it in the first place,” JR explains.“Lesson learned…” Apolo says, tugging his shoes on, and getting his bag ready to go.“If it makes you feel any better, Apolo, you’re doing much better than you used too,” JR says, gathering his own bag out of his locker. We eat meals together regularly, at predetermined times and places as in dates. You regularly try and alter my social behavior in way that quite frankly is disturbingly like trying to ‘train me’,” here he makes air quotes, “and as far as I’m concerned, we’ve been sleeping with each other exclusively for like a year now.

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  1. I can't say I'm the least bit surprised looking at all the other stories running down the page. Their friends play along with the charade as they say all the most charming things. If you ever meet a pinay online NEVER BELIEVE A WORD SHE SAYS!!!

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  3. So when a person believes strong enough that they are hot and irresistible, the minds of others subconsciously pick that up and just roll with it (unless given a massive reason not to). Even when you’re not a guy’s type, if you believe he wants you hard enough, oftentimes you’ll tip the scale and his mind will make an exception for you.