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Kaspersky also offers 2 and 3 year subscriptions for a discount. 1 Year Protection Subscription: You can easily download Kaspersky Antivirus 2018 from their website (

They also offer a boxed version, however, it only comes with the 3 license option and 1 year subscription.

By using intelligent scanning, Kaspersky is able to proactively protect you from emerging threats while working in the background and not compromising performance, which is what any user should look for from their antivirus software.

Kaspersky offers a nice set of pricing options should you need protection for more than 1 PC.

It has a fresh, new interface that is very simple to navigate and easy to understand.

The user interface is responsive and most operations can be performed with a single click.

If malware is found, Kaspersky's File Advisor will report the file to Kaspersky's security network to make sure this malware can be detected by their software and that other users detect this threat as well.

It looks for malicious patterns of activity and alerts the user quickly while blocking these dangerous actions before they can cause any harm.The protection status is prominently displayed in the center screen showing a green check when everything is good, a yellow exclamation point when something needs attention, and a red "X" when a problem or threat is found.You can quickly click on the security status and fix the problem found.System Requirements: Kaspersky is quick to install and setup is automatic.The setup will pick secure settings by default so the novice user doesn't have to worry about configuring Kaspersky correctly.

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If you like having a physical CD which you can hold and install again later without saving a downloaded file, then purchase the boxed version.

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