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Instead, most men start to actually TUNE OUT the woman they're with when they start to sense or see a lot of emotions they don't understand. To withdraw from intense emotions that can lead to conflict with a woman. Do you know what it is that either makes a man open up and be excited to really LISTEN to you and UNDERSTAND what you're feeling and going through...Knowing this, are you accidentally helping your man to withdraw from you? or shut down when he sees how you're feeling inside? The 3 critical elements that you MUST HAVE between you and a man if you want a loving, lasting, and secure relationship are: Element #1 - An Intense Level Of Attraction Call it "chemistry". Unfortunately, lots of women make 2 mistakes when it comes to attraction with men that keep them from ever being able to get past those critical early dating stages where a man will become more emotionally attached and involved with a woman. but if a man doesn't "feel it" for you when it comes to this magic something of chemistry and attraction... A man MUST feel a level of attraction for you that goes DEEPER than just the common and "Physical Attraction" a man can experience for a woman that quickly comes and goes, but can seem so "real".Isn't a man supposed to be closer, more open, and more honest with you than anyone else about what's going on for him in your relationship with you? You're supposed to be able to be closer and more open and honest with the man in your life than with anyone else.

If you don't have open communication, then you by definition don't have HONESTY.

But smart women who seem to have a more natural knack for talking to men, getting their interest, and having men see them as "cool" and desirable have a way of being able to AVOID these mistakes and are NEVER seen as desperate, too needy, or generally UNATTRACTIVE when it comes to how they act and feel on an emotional level around men.

Here's some tips on how any woman can learn and become a "natural" at creating that deeper and more LASTING ATTRACTION with a man:

As the flood of emotions hit you, and you FEEL what's going on throughout your body, you want the man to both see and understand why you would feel this way... I want this to go away." Long story short, what started off as a misunderstanding and a situation where you simply didn't feel good about something in the moment, and you wanted him to see it and respond...

And you want him to UNDERSTAND you and the way that you're feeling. turned out to be something that caused a huge DISCONNECT between you two.

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