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So, motivation exists in many ways, which influence Chinese students much in studies.

Keeping in abundant interests and energies is important for Chinese students to get better accommodation in American universities.

Nearly half of survey respondents intended to work in one of China leading cities – Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzen – and nearly three in ten (29%) hoped to work in a multinational company.

No other country sends as many students abroad, and none has had such a dramatic impact on the global marketplace for education.

Yet the Chinese market continues to evolve, and we can only anticipate further change in the years ahead.

Xu Peixiang, the deputy director of the Ministry’s Overseas Students’ Support Center, noted that in recent years between 70 and 80% of outbound students return to China after their studies abroad.

At a press conference announcing the report, Qi Mo, head of the Ministry’s Overseas Study Department, noted that returnees are coming home in greater numbers because the domestic job market is more appealing that those overseas.

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