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The spyware installs Dynamic Link Library files (DLL) in the system folder, with the letter ' Q' followed by a large random number. says this file is "Good" but when we visted the Ride Marketing website, we looked and left then subsequently were asked to dfownload a file which runs in an invisible untitled browser window and pops ads. Rogue_Anti-Spyware_Products Rogue and suspect anti-spyware products use deceptive and unfair practices to trick consumers into purchasing them. Safecll attempts to log keystrokes on infected computers and send them to an attacker. Safecll hides itself in legitimate applications downloaded from unauthorised websites. Sah Agent Sah Agent intercepts all incoming and outgoing data and in some cases modify this data to insert it's affiliate information to get sales credit.

Ole parasite, made by the same group of companies as Rich Find.

When executed, it drops a copy of itself and shortcuts in the user's desktop.

It also connects the infected system to an adult chat room. Terminating the Dialer Program This procedure terminates the running dialer process.

sd5 acts as a dialer by dialing a high-cost phone number using a modem. Alife Dialer Alife Dialer is a porn dialer which is used to access pornographic websites by dialing a high-cost phone number using a modem.

sd5 acts as a dialer by dialing a high-cost phone number using a modem. Andlotsmore_com_dialer A pornographic dialer that connects to servers with pornographic content and charges the customers' credit card.

sd6 is a spyware program that monitors internet activity and users browsing habits.

It can download and execute arbitrary code silently from its controlling server Methods can include not providing proven, reliable anti-spyware protection or being prone to ridiculous false positives; unfair, deceptive or high pressure sales tactics; being associated with known distributors of spyware/adware or having been known to install spyware/adware themselves. This software also gathers user information and sends it to the Shop At Home servers.

A is a program used to dial a high-cost international phone number using a modem without the users permission or knowledge.

To produce these targeted advertisements, Seekmo Search Assistant collects keywords from websites you visit including portions of website addresses or URLs, which can include users search terms.

In some cases it was found to be downloaded and installed without user knowledge and consent. Seekmo_Search_Assistant Seekmo Search Assistant produces targeted pop-up advertisements based on what users browse.

You can use a third party process viewer such as Process Explorer to terminate the dialer process.

Otherwise, continue with the next procedure, noting additional instructions.

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