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I can reasonably suppose this man could make to 0 a day if he devoted himself to the task. Exhausted, but peaceful with the knowledge he’d not let poverty become his way of thinking.Not bad for the investment of a bottle of specialized-cleaner he got at the Auto Parts store. These are not just the sort of men and women who built the US.. These are the people who refuse to steal your purse or break into your home or sell drugs to your children.I cannot speak for all 7,000 islands since I have not traveled them all.(yet) However I can say that on the island of Mactan I have not once been approached by anyone asking for money.It was something I have taken care of, but never took the time to do.He was offering me not only service but convenience.Rather I would like to share my first-hand observations over how three different cultures respond to the issue of poverty. We lived with relatives for a period while my Mom went to school to get her GED equivalency and then to a local Junior College to study for a career as a Nursing Aide. In the meanwhile I quickly learned what it meant to be poor in a first-world country. This was not the attitude that took my Mom out of poverty.(Growing up in Southern California, life was easy being raised as an upper-middle class kid in the Inland Empire area. Meanwhile, in Mexico the change of drug trafficking, which had always relied upon cocaine from distant Columbia, had changed during the early 90’s to a more local, Mexican, trafficking of Meth and created strong, local cartels which then began a violent war for territory closer to the border of California.

This was in the US and was the case with many single-mothers. Far too many irresponsible and missing fathers, but I’ll not digress on that.

Everyone I see around me is busy about their daily routine doing what they do to earn their way in life. you know, the ones that are the brunt of so many jokes?

Just remember that at the other end of that line is a real, live PERSON who is just doing the best they can to earn enough pesos to feed their family, ok?

Prior to leaving Southern California there was a knock at my door one morning.

A man offered to clean up the headlights of my car from the dimming scum that had accumulated in exchange for .

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The Filipinos I see are out on the side of the street cooking food.. In a few short blocks I can sample so many types of foods. These people are repairing motorcycles and giving haircuts with no more than a mirror, a pair of scissors and a chair beneath a banana tree. They are selling loads for cell phones, selling karaoke time, selling imported flip-flops from China, t-shirts.. And while the entitlement-minded shame of those who deserve a good tongue-lashing can rest I’ll not be giving it to them here.. rather I am here to extol the virtues of the Working Poor.

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