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During and immediately after the news the price is likely to move in either direction, up or down, therefore triggering one of the pending orders.After that, the remaining (opposite pending) order is deleted.

However, although is was designed to detect and follow the trend - by using the Heiken Ashi indicator - this (ie trend detection) can be disabled and the Heiken Ashi EA can be allowed to trade by simply following the Heiken Ashi signals on the current timeframe.Once a trade is opened, the trader has the ability to either use a classic stop-loss, trail the price using various methods (using the Tailing Stop EA algorithm) including Heiken Ashi, and even martingale if the previous trade closed in negative profit.The Robot FX Non Lag MA expert advisor was built for traders trading with the trend and whose forex trading strategy is defined by the “trend is your friend” motto.The timeframe (left-up) shows the color of the current candle for all the time-frames available in Metatrader To make sure the expert advisor trades in the right direction (ie with the trend) the trader can choose to follow the trend given by the same MACD settings used to enter/exit the trades.The trader can choose any other values depending on the traded pair.

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