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n April 10, 2012, Emily Bartlett received a few text messages from a guy who had left her Grinnell College dorm room about 10 minutes earlier. Bartlett did tell someone: That night she told a confidential advocate on the Iowa campus that the male student had sexually assaulted her.A few days later she went to campus security and filed an official report, but she was unsure whether she wanted to see her alleged attacker punished."People want to see change happen now and it's frustrating to know this is a system that goes so deep it's going to take time," said Joyce Bartlett, a senior who works as a peer advocate, meaning she's trained to provide help to victims of sexual violence on campus.One of the residence hall buildings at Grinnell College that are located in three areas of the campus.If a prestigious, close-knit college like Grinnell cannot avoid letting down students who report rape, it raises the question of whether any school truly can.Grinnell said federal privacy law limited how much they could comment on sexual assault cases.

The college made offenders write short apology letters to victims as their punishment.She said college administrators suggested she request a mediation session with him, a practice the U. Department of Education had explicitly prohibited one year earlier in a letter to all colleges.The male student "took responsibility for what he did and regretted it" during the mediation, according to a school document shared with The Huffington Post.Students who reported being sexually assaulted say they struggled with seeing the accused students in the lounges of their buildings.he liberal arts college dominates the isolated town of Grinnell, Iowa.

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"The campus is so tiny, everyone's lives are all wrapped up in each other," said Lisa Stern, a junior who works with victims through a hotline run by Grinnell's Domestic Violence Alternatives Student Assault Center.

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