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Located within the series are communications with notable scientists ranging from Linus Pauling to John C. Letters with numerous of David Shoemaker's colleagues from his graduate and post-graduate years at the California Institute of Technology are also included. Assorted Materials related to David Shoemaker's Guggenheim Fellowship. Typescript, Correspondence, Program: "The Scientific Work of Walter Clark Hamilton," lecture delivered by David Shoemaker. Hamilton Symposium, sponsored by the Brookhaven National Laboratory and the American Crystallographic Association, Upton, New York. The series is likewise home to documentation of David Shoemaker's Guggenheim Fellowship as well as his later contributions to and leadership of the International Union of Crystallography and the U. Includes correspondence, (including a letter of congratulations from Niels Bohr) Shoemaker's research proposal and background information concerning Shoemaker's travel overseas. Typescript, Correspondence, Program, Background Material, Non-Shoemaker Reprints: "Well-Behaved Crystal Structures," lecture delivered by David Shoemaker. Blaker]Study of the Berthelot Method for Determining the Tensile Strength of a Liquid. The primary focus of the Scholarly Manuscripts series is David and Clara Shoemaker's decades-long research interest in the structure of transition-metal phases. Internal Report: "Combined X-ray and neutron diffraction study of the ordering of the atoms in transition group alloys," David P. Conference on Critical Evaluation of Chemical and Physical Structures, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire.

The large Correspondence series is a reflection of David and Clara Shoemaker's many contacts within the discipline of crystallography over the latter half of the twentieth century. Finally, three boxes of records dating to David Shoemaker's eleven-year tenure as chair of the Oregon State University department of chemistry provide a valuable glimpse into the workings of the department and the university in the 1970s and early 1980s. The Shoemaker Papers have been organized into seven series. Broadly speaking, the contents of each series have been arranged chronologically, although many items in Series 4 and Series 7 are arranged alphabetically. Wilson]The Crystal Structures of Hydrated and Dehydrated Synthetic Zeolites with Faujasite Aluminosilicate Frameworks. The Dehydrated Sodium, Potassium, and Silver Forms. Also of interest are David Shoemaker's collection of lecture notes compiled as a Caltech graduate student - J. Fowler were among his professors - as well as his work on the concept of hydrosmoelectric power in the mid-1970s. International Symposium on the Properties and Applications of Metal Hydrides, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Manuscript, Typescript, Correspondence, Program, Background Material: "Molecular-Orbital and Valence-Bond Theories of Metallic Binding," and "The Crystal Structure of Some Intermetallic Compounds," lectures delivered by David Shoemaker. A Capillary-Type Viscometer: For Use with Solutions Containing Volatile Solvents, with Application to Measurements of Viscosities of Nitrocelluloses.

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Metal hydrides, 1980: proceedings of the International Symposium on the Properties and Applications of Metal Hydrides, Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.

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