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” Sam “Although my mum is great and doesn’t interfere with how I parent my children, dad oversteps the mark sometimes. In the run-up, we invited her over as much as possible so she could get a sense of our parenting style.

If I explain why I want things done a certain way, he'll apologise but then still do it his way next time. It also meant that we could discuss any potential issues well in advance.

He respects the way my husband and I want to raise our kids and is quite happy to enforce our rules.” Sarah“When I want things done a certain way, my mum often has other ideas.

But because I’m paying her, she’ll do it my way regardless.

We buy her a box of chocolates every few months as she wouldn’t take our money.

I’d much rather my child was looked after by his grandfather than go to a childminder or day nursery.” Jo “We pay my mum £100 to look after my son for 10 days each month.But that’s the price I pay for asking her to care of them.” Tania “My mum and my wife's mum take turns looking after my son. They're happy to cook for him, and even take him to toddler groups.Obviously we pay for days out and food, but it's still so much cheaper than other childcare options.” Marty “When I went back to work, my father-in-law looked after my boys. He does spoil them occasionally but that’s part of being a grandparent.She would do it for free but it eases my guilt and at least it means she isn’t out of pocket.We would have to pay five times that in nursery fees and this way he gets plenty of one-to-one attention.” Megan “My mum looks after our little one full-time. We send flowers regularly, and spend quite a bit on her at birthdays and at Christmas so she knows she's appreciated.

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