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He was educated at the Lancaster Academy in Massachusetts, where he received the equivalent of a high school education.He began breeding plants and conducting genetics research in 1870.El hace parte de la Red de Herbarios a nivel Nacional, coordinada por el Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas Alexander Von Humboldt y posee el registro No.25 del Registre) Nacional de Colecciones Botánicas.Dentro de los objetivos que persigue el herbario se tiene: * Realizar estudios dendrológicos y botánicos de la flora arbórea colombiana y aunar esfuerzos con otras instituciones para promover las investigaciones en esta área.

While truck crops were Burbank's primary interest, he also worked at developing new flowering plants.In 1871 he produced the Burbank potato which was a blight resistant species used in Ireland to combat the potato epidemic which had effected that nation's potato crops and which had results in the emigration of half of that nation's people.With the money he gained by selling his rights to the potato, he moved to Santa Rosa, California.This research was supported by project 2014SGR00514 from the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) and by the “Proyecto Intramural Especial, PIE” (grant no.201630I024) from the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council).

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In this paper we assess the potential of these collections on conservation biology, by providing exemplary studies that use herbarium specimens, grouped into four categories: (1) based on occurrence data, such as studies about plant extinction or introduction, or those focused on modelling their ecological niche; (2) based on the specimens themselves, such as morphological or phenological studies to evaluate the impact of climate change; (3) based in genetic data, such as phylogeographic or taxonomical studies; and (4), other applied studies.

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