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In the final scene, Candy cries in Joe's arms, asking why their song was recorded. Left hanging on the streets all alone when Candy leaves, Joe is baffled, heartbroken, and still deeply in love.Joe Beck: Young, naïve and caring, he is the novel's protagonist.Candy is sent off to a rehab centre for adolescents where Joe has a final meeting with her. Joe is left wondering where she is and if he will ever see her again.The last chapter briefly explains that Joe's band received a record deal and recorded Joe's song for Candy.It gave me the idea to give kids that same feeling.I created The Pageant of Hope to give kids with challenges and disabilities (who would not normally compete in pageants) a self-esteem boost.Sims has six years of cheerleading experience and 15 years of dance training under her belt.

However, Candy's pimp, Iggy, feels that Joe is a threat, worrying that Joe will reduce the business Candy takes in and thus reducing Iggy's income.

At the novel's climax, Joe, Candy, Joe's sister, and her boyfriend confront Iggy at Joe's family's remote country house.

Candy stabs Iggy in the neck, concluding the novel's main story.

He taught us kung fu moves mixed with cheerleading that we now call Cheer-Fu! ” Sims graduated from Winder-Barrow High School in 2007.

All of the cheers and dances you see me do in the film were learned about 10 minutes before the cameras started rolling.” Sims has a huge Instagram following, with over 83k followers. Her Twitter bio reads, “Actress whose passion is making children facing challenges feel beautiful since 06. She went on to study International Business at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

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