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The purpose of the current project is to set history straight.

Lea Ybarra of Johns Hopkins University and Professor George Mariscal of the University of California, San Diego are currently collecting letters written by YOU from Vietnam to your families and friends in the U. The time is long overdue for the American public to learn about the military participation of Mexican-Americans in the Vietnam conflict.

In providing the muscle for one of the nation's most patriotism-infused building projects, immigrants at the Pentagon say they are demonstrating their contributions to the United States. And at lunchtime, a truck rolls onto the dirt construction area offering piping-hot tamales and Salvadoran pupusas.

But they don't miss the irony: The site has become a symbol of why many Americans have hardened their attitude toward immigrants since the attacks of Sept. The Latin influence is obvious at the Pentagon site. "Most of them [workers] are Salvadoran," said Carlos Lizama, a jeans-clad Bethesda resident who was born in El Salvador and is the superintendent of concrete work for the Pentagon reconstruction, known as the Phoenix Project.

Writing for a specific niche has been always a challenge, but the sheer number of interracial marriages is evidence that English or Spanish as a second language are here to stay, says Peruvian linguist Fortunato Brown, author of "How Latinos Learn English." Brown has over 40 years' experience as a teacher, and is author or coauthor of books on several languages He emphatically states that Latinos who learn to speak and read English will continue to progress regardless of social barriers. [email protected]: Jaime Arcila [email protected] NEW YORK To dramatically increase high school graduation and college attendance rates for the most disadvantaged youth, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today committed more than million to create 70 small high schools.

These high schools will enable students to earn both a high school diploma and an associate's degree or two years of college credit. According to recent studies, college graduates earn 70 percent more than high school graduates.

The Roll apparently contained all pensioners, although only a small portion is presently online. The Mexico Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, MXSSAR, was chartered on Feb. I was elected as the charter president and national trustee. We are seeking descendants of the following, who are eligible for membership in the SAR: 1) Carlos, III King of Spain (the current king, Juan Carlos, is a member of SAR) 2) General Bernardo de Galvez, and all members of the Spanish Army and Navy during the period 1776-1783.

Arizona* California Colorado Florida* Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas* Kentucky Maine Massachusetts Michigan* Minnesota* Missouri* Nebraska Nevada* New York North Carolina North Dakota* Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania South Dakota* Tennessee Texas Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming* *=Entire state The pensioners were primarily Union veterans from the Civil War and survivors of the War of 1812 but also included other service as well. Hispanic population, excluding Puerto Rico, has increased from 6.4 percent in 1982 (14.6 million) to 13.0 percent (35.3 million) in 2000. Extract from article in American Latino Magazine - V5-13, 4/16/02 by Zeke Hernandez [email protected] Edwards writes: My article "Spain's Involvement in the American Revolutionary War" was printed in the National Genealogical Society Newsmagazine, Vol. 3) Members of the militia in New Spain from 1776-1783, who lived in what is now Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hispanola, South America, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California.

Source: Two articles: Associated Press, Doug Mellgren via Orange County Register, 4-19-02 | On a personal note. He kindly responded with a hand-written postcard which has remained a family treasure. Heyerdahl opened a world-view to our daughter, who is now an attorney. So many of us are so blessed that it is incumbent upon us to recognize that fact and work towards paying homage and honoring our spouses or a loved one in such a manner that it remains an every day reminder of their great sacrifices, devotion and contribution to the well being of their loved one and America. is pleased to bring you the first public offering of the 1930 Census, now part of our 1790-1930 Census Subscription. Roots --Name/age of every person in each household surveyed, and relationship to the head of household --Gender, age, and race --Birthplace of individuals and their parents --Marital status and age at first marriage --Occupation, industry, and current employment status

From 31 January, we’re upgrading the security settings (TLS) of Taylor & Francis Online to keep users safe. Internet Explorer 10 or earlier) please update now to avoid receiving error messages.

Legend: - Statistic added this week Presented by: PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN FOUNDATION in collaboration with VATICANCRIMES. More Legend: - Statistic added this week Presented by: PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN FOUNDATION in collaboration with VATICANCRIMES. It does not include individual cases currently under investigation as organized crime scenes is the main focus for this chart. 10% of victims actually speak out, and of those, only 10% make it to the court system.

I have always felt a special tenderness towards Thor Heyerdahl. Lynette Chapa Peter Carr Harry Crosby Steve Demara Maria Estorino Anthony Garcia Le Roy L. Sincerely, Jacinto (JAY) Romo What's so great about the 1930 U. targetid=3180&sourceid=2212 Sent by Lorraine Hernandez The U. Congress directed the Pension Office to prepare a listing of individuals receiving pensions for war service.

Sent by Anthony Garcia [email protected] LA.com, Source: the first Latino to serve as Secretary of the Army, was honored for his three-year tenure at that post with an official portrait to recognize his distinguished efforts as the civilian leader of the nation's largest military force.

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