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Whether you need to make a change in your primary care doctor, or if you find you need a specialist to take care of specific symptoms, you'll want to follow these guidelines to choose the right doctor for your medical care.

For example, Pennsylvania law states “aggravated assault ...

is a felony of the first degree.” In New Jersey, the law similarly reads, “a person is guilty of aggravated assault if he commits a simple assault upon any person engaged in emergency first-aid or medical services acting in the performance of his duties while in uniform or otherwise clearly identifiable as being engaged in the performance of emergency first-aid or medical services.” Yet, violent cases nationwide are common. news station reported that a nurse said she was violently assaulted inside Tryon Residential Center by an unruly 15-year-old.

This clientele is becoming more numerous and more violent.

Visits to Emergency Departments for drug- and alcohol-related incidents climbed from 1.6 million in 2005 to 2 million in 2008, and the number of those visits resulting in violence increased from 16,277 to 21,406, according to the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

” I wish we could ‘eject’ the violence patients more commonly in the ER.

In 2010, The Washington Post reported 151 hospitals have resorted to using stun guns to control violent patients."The only thing good I see coming out of this is that we continue to let people know that this is an issue.Public awareness is important because it's the public who is committing the violence," says Papa.The reality is that jails are full and the local Emergency departments get filled with this population.No judgement is passed on these patients and their actions, but they can make your night miserable.

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