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It is like she says, 'I had so many blind dates I should have a free dog'If I was asked to describe this book I would say that I laughed page after page with the wonderful wicked way she recreates these perfect hilarious moments but there are also some serious times too, where she offers the stuff to look out for to stop you getting hurt like she did.

How to spot the dodgy blokes that are just out to put another notch on the bed post before they take off.

Imagine 88 guys for coffee, from that I guessed that a lot of them didn't get asked back for a second cup!

Diane Solomon based this novel round some of the actual events from her own life, changed the main character to Laura and all of the gentlemen in the book were given new names, but some of the events were real.

The horror stories are true, bizarre, and laugh-out-loud funny. This is Laura’s story, or rather her five year saga of looking for “Mr. This is Laura’s story, or rather her five year saga of looking for “Mr.

Right for Me” after the coward she once thought of as her husband jumped ship like a thief in the night, stealing her self-respect, dignity, self-confidence and probably her favorite pan, (okay I just added the pan bit). Know someone, male or female who is thinking of looking for love or at least a decent person through the maze that is cyberspace?

I received this ARC edition from Diane Solomon in exchange for my honest review.Having been dumped by her husband in a not very nice way, it’s time for Laura to jump back on the saddle. You set up your profile, add your likes, dislikes and you upload.You’re then connected to others with similar interests, sounds really easy doesn’t it?She quickly analyzes the profile, deciding whether to send a wink or an email. Diane Solomon tells a very good story, and I look forward to morestories from this bright new author. I suppose when you sign up for online dating you would expect your prince to be waiting for you in the sea of frogs some where, although I don’t think our protagonist Laura was quite expecting so many frogs.And as the title suggests, online datin Well I’ll be completely honest here and say I have never tried online dating, I’ve actually never known a person who has so I was really intrigued, especially when I read that some of the actual dates were based on real events experienced by the author.

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