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From her sweet face, he realized he must have been standing still for a very long time. Robin had noticed she smiled more and more as the days past. Robin laughed, though both of them knew it wasnt really funny. Robin took the letter and noticed the characters under his name. Jinx recovered quickly and charged back into the fight with a grin. Raven, its going to be a pleasure ripping you apart! Jinxs grin intensified, This is going to be too easy Jinx took advantage of Ravens slow recover and hurled another energy bolt, knocking Ravens legs from under her. Gizmos laugh was swallowed in a blaring siren erupting behind Aqualads head. It would be Cyborg who entered the room a few moments later, trampling Gizmo to turn off the horrible siren. Cyborgs fingers slid along the keys successfully terminating the system deletion. The stunned Jinx was helpless as Raven grabbed her arm and tossed her over her shoulder in a Judo throw.He knew it had something to do with Slade and her birthday, but true to her word, she couldnt bear to tell him what that something was. They both knew something was wrong; the bond that had been building between each other had been growing. Speedy quickly unleashed several gold arrows, some bouncing off the walls and missing Jinx as she continued her running approach on Raven. Without another word she phased through the wall that Jinx had moments before. Aqualad and Starfire collapsed to the floor clutching their ears. Aqualad climbed to his feet and shook the ringing from his head. This time they do not seem to want to defeat us Starfire began. Jinxs stun didnt seem to affect her reflexes, in midair she turned so her feet were planted on the wall.Cyborg forgot those thoughts when the ding of the timer went off. Cyborg continued his charge with his cannon trained on Gizmo. It would be a tackle from Starfire, knocking Jinx down; a stingray from Bumble Bee, overloading Gizmos system; and a tag team knock out from Robin and Speedy, laying out Mammoth that ended the HIVE strike. Bumble Bee asked, turning her hips to face the new comers. Shell be weak as a kitten for the next couple of days. Robin placed the letter gently on his desk then followed behind the cloaked sorceress. Raven tapped her fork gently on her plate, watching Starfire hug Robin as he spun her around by the waist. Cyborg informed them as his fingers flew across the keys. It would be the stampeding green rhino that alerted her to the presence of someone. Finding Gizmo and Jinx were his top priority but ignoring Mammoth was much harder a task than Cyborg could have guessed.It had only been two weeks since Ravens birthday and his own was only four days away. The background seemed to scream with a triumphant blue as Aqualad and Beast Boys jaws dropped in stupefaction. The bomb bounced off an invisible shield and returned to Raven as quickly as it had left.With the exception of Beast Boy, they were all what his mother would call Summer babies. Cyborg thought as he hung the last banner over the doorway. Something Jinx had done altered the barrier, warping it, wrapping itself around Ravens body, tapping her against the bomb.Ive wasted so much time please dont think I have forgotten I couldnt ever The scarves continued to whip and flex after Robin and Raven left the store, oblivious to what their colors awakened in the Boy Wonder.~*~ Cyborg wasnt exactly positive how he knew, but he was pretty sure someone was talking about him.[1] He had felt a chill run up his spine but couldnt place the source. He shrugged his shoulders and continued to hang the decorations. The full out war that would have ensued was prematurely ended by a baritone BOOYAH that shook the ground beneath the two of them. The small and painfully annoying HIVE graduate cowered behind Jinxs leg as the pink-haired hex-weaver steadied her feet.

Her emotions didnt spark as often: in anger at Beast Boy, or in joy, not that they had seen that happen often. She wiped the shocked look off her face before levitating the gifts to the table. Robin lay on his back on the floor beside his bed watching the overhead ceiling fan spin, just like he had seen in the store. He felt like he did as a small child, laying on the ground by himself as the world busied itself without him. Twice Raven had woken up startled from a bad dream Robin had had and slept on Robins floor to make sure Robin slept peacefully for the rest of the night. Robin grabbed one of Jinxs flailing limbs and spun her in a half circle, throwing her into the air, destined to strike the corridor wall. Starfires hands and eyes fluoresced with her righteous fury. Aqualad bumped into the control panel and realized what Gizmo had done. Jinxs retaliation was quick, burying a flipping heel into Ravens shoulder before Raven unleashed an energy claw, dark and as terrible as the night, which clutched Jinx swiftly with every intention of hurling her into the wall. Summary: This is a deep look into the personalities of all the Titans and some of the major players in Teen Titans, including the baddies. The two ran silently into the common room and stood out of sight. She swore she had seen the moment before, a million times before, in Robins dreams. From the scanners it looks like Before Cyborg could finish his sentence an explosion rocked the room. When the charging stopped and after recognizing the undeniable sound of heavy feet running in place Raven knew just who he was up against. Robin ducked under the body of Speedy as the blond masked hero soared down the corridor.The Boy Wonder sighed deeply, turning to his companion. If were going to make it back in time to help, we should go. Raven smiled gently before taking her find to the register. The only thing you could have done was pin Beast Boy to the carpet so hed leave the cake alone but Im sure Aqualad wouldnt have given up the privilege. Raven sighed thinking about the last thing she had said. Robin drew his bo-staff but never got to use it as Jinxs thunderous punch was interrupted by a drop kick from Raven. But this time they look like theyve got a new objective. Cyborg then noticed that Gizmo was no longer laid out on the floor. The door slid open and Jinx exited, to be greeted with a straight jab to the face.He himself was going to be twenty, and no longer a teen titan. The explosion hurled Raven down the hall and crashing through a window.He really needed to talk to Robin about changing their name. Her wail echoed into the night air as she plummeted towards the ground.

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