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I don't think the real Saint-Tropez has changed at all.

If you know the right people, get the right invitations to their sublime houses and yachts, then you don't need to see what goes on out in the streets.

Remember -- ESPN dropped a bombshell report last month alleging their relationships were fractured ...

and in the lead-up to the Super Bowl, Kraft admitted to "tension" and needing to "get their egos checked in." Shannon told TMZ Sports those words prove there's "a crack in the foundation" ...

My mother cooked food for the film crew, and Club 55 was born.

It can be vulgar and distinguished, aristocratic and nouveau riche at the same time." Certainly Saint-Tropez has lost none of its appeal, none of its glitz and none of the crowds.

Walk past the flashy VIP Room and the club's wall is festooned with snapshots of everyone from Kate Moss and Rihanna to Karl Lagerfeld, Bono and Lady Gaga.

Shannon Sharpe says it might be the beginning of the end for the Patriots dynasty ...

'cause recent statements by Robert Kraft prove there are real problems between him, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

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The bar remains a hot rendezvous for early-evening cocktails, while the wonderful terrace overlooking Ponche bay is still teeming with people every lunch and dinner, but now as a gourmet restaurant serving traditional Provençale cuisine and freshly grilled fish.

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  2. You’re definitely projecting…which kinda proves MIKW’s point… Matter of fact, the only time it wouldn’t be a red flag is if it was said by some misguided man who thought women would be super duper impressed because it showed ‘just how much’ he loves his kids…This, again, is something we hope would be the case, lol.

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