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I think you can actually hear Gianna's breath as she gasps at the monster dick, and I know one thing for sure..can hear her scream when that monster cock is deep inside, crammed up against the back of her cunt. XOXO - Spring Kitty Member Comments: mannny****: GB kitty j VFhn J****: She is extremely hot and deserves a 10.

And at the end, she gets a yummy treat spoon fed to her. It was facial, though, and so she gets -1 for that. XOXO -- Ruthie Adriana Malao doesn't care about getting caught in public getting inappropriate with white guys.

blackc****: love watchin the married bitches with black dick shes hot bring her back in a gang bang gcomin****: Beautiful woman. Add Your Comments Wife Nautica Thorn - Rating: 8.53Nautica Thorn Nautica is one of those exotic looking beauties that looks like she is just the right mix of Asian, White, and maybe Polynesian?

That seems about right since she declares right up front that she's a native of Hawaii, and we all know those people know how to cook and eat lots of pork.

thegho****: More ASians Add Your Comments Ruth Kitty - Rating: 8.84You know what's funny about this week's update? We find Adriana and Erik getting hot and heavy in a hallway.

Max Black's gigantic dick is about as big as this week's whore -- Lil' Miss Kitty. Kitty loved every second of did did Max. However, she wants to get down and dirty in a public restroom--this is where things get taken up a level.

Nautica Thorn Member Comments: bynesm****: Overrated, non taking it in the ass bitch. Many of your subscribers would prefer to see some fucking in these scenes and not just sucking.

From here we move on to advanced throat fucking, while fingering her Asian pussy, and for the finale, he makes her mouth look like a cream-filled donut, then she swallows it down!

Watch as tiny Marica legitimately chokes and gags on 13 inches of black meat before having her other two holes stretched wide open.

Dingo's BBC barely fits in either hole, no matter how hard he tries to make it fit!

Gianna Michaels Member Comments: ilovet****: god i wish i was black xeropo****: i hate it when they serve cum on plates or cups. As the book clearly states: "The average caucasian penis is 5.3" long, but the average african american penis is over 9".

It seems like something creepy you would see in German porn. felbor****: cause barb cummings is a true to life pig spring is just a fake one that gets paid to act like one sn6xni****: Why can't you be more like Barb Cummings? Add Your Comments Spring Gianna Michaels - Rating: 9.32Hi Guys! Of course this seemed to take Gianna back; she had never even heard of a 9 incher, let alone actually touch one. And to *prove* that our boy was good for a double-digit dick, I grabbed a STEEL ruler to show all...including you white boys out there!

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