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He does this – anticipating the Marxian analysis of the labour process as relation with nature and between natural forces[11] – by channelling the chaotic primeval substance (χώρα) which in its random movements follows blind necessity (Ἀνάγκη) into rational and orderly processes.[12] He attempts to bring them into a state in which they resemble as closely as possible the blueprint (παράδειγμα) of eternal Being (the famous Ideas or Forms).

This resemblance must remain incomplete – Eternity can only be reproduced as Time, as a process, as Becoming.[13] The closest resemblance is achieved in the perfectly timed movements of the celestial bodies.

Joseph Schumpeter’s[17] notion of innovation of products and processes against the resistance of the already existing ones), then it is not surprising that the overbearing domination by dead labour constitutes an existential crisis.

While Marx appropriated this figure of thought for his politico-economic theory from Hegel’s analysis of the objectivation of the Spirit, Georg Simmel has translated this process from the economic into general cultural terms – into what he called a .[18] Here past creative expression which has objectified itself into a work of art, or any other kind of cultural product in the widest sense, impedes and threatens to suffocate present expressive action.

For Plato the middle was an ontologically precarious position in which the downwards trajectory into total chaos could only be prevented by a relentless effort to move upwards towards perfect rational order.[3] Man, who presented himself to the Athenian citizen Plato as proto-bourgeois subject,[4]is conceived of as being suspended in an unstable intermediate position.

Gone was the cherished Aristotelian feudal/aristocratic ideal of moderation (σωφροσύνη) which locates virtuous behaviour in the considered middle (μεσότης) of two vices or excesses.

We find repercussions in cultural reflections on capitalist man, such as Goethe’s Faust – and it is no complete coincidence that Faust nearly fails in his pursuit of rationalisation because of a downward erotic and hypo-chthonic distraction.[8] This producer is then placed within a world which is not only open to such ambition but outright dependent on it, since it has to reproduce its own likeness continuously to avoid disintegration.

An imperative of permanent production is inscribed in the very fabric of this cosmos.[9] Plato’s metaphorical creation myth in who puts together the cosmos.

Kommt ihr gut mit ihnen zurecht oder gibt es auch mal Grund zur Eifersucht? Mein Partner, mit dem ich seit 2.5 Jahren zusammen bin und zusammen leben, telefonierte eben in meiner Anwesenheit mit seiner Ex-Frau, mit der auch auch zwei Kinder im Teenager-Alter hat.

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