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Bloom contacts Annabelle and learns that she had found a similar pocket watch dropped by a guy who had broken into her apartment and then escaped.The Winx head to Paris to recruit a fashion design student named Sophie.In this spinoff series, the Winx Club girls return to Gardenia, Bloom's hometown on Earth, where they work as a group of talent scouts on a reality television program to find children and teenagers of various talents.Behind the scenes, they try to save them from being kidnapped by a Talent Thief while hiding their own identities as fairies as well as their unique magical abilities.Summary: As rumors of layoffs at Scarlet sweep through the office leaving everyone unsettled, Jane learns of a potential opportunity at a rival publication.Sutton is given a big opportunity when a coworker buckles under pressure.

At times, they are aided by their good friend and fellow fairy, Roxy, Fairy of Animals.

The Winx then participate in the reality television show Wow!

in which they act as talent scouts hoping to audition the next great act.

In the second season, the Winx Club girls receive new missions from the spirit of the dream world.

They learn of the Queen's troubled past and hope to return her to the good fairy she was once by reuniting her with her lost love, Peter Pan.

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But a mysterious portal transports them to where Annabelle is and they learn that they now have a new fairy transformation called Dreamix.

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